Connecting the Global Athletic Community

Whether athletics is your full-time job or a volunteer role, CoachLinked provides a network across youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletics for coaches, administrators, trainers, nutritionists, agents, and search firms.

Connect to Teammates, Present, Past and Future

Connect with current and former colleagues and create new connections with others in the sports industry to evolve and maximize your professional network.

Securely Share Thoughts, Plays, Pictures and Videos on Chalk Talk

Control access to who can view your thoughts, plays, videos and pictures via the CoachLinked Teams. Teams are private and members are not aware to which team they belong. To protect the sanctity of your Chalk Talk, CoachLinked permits only your Accepted connections to comment.

Find and Advertise Job Opportunities

Land your dream job in athletic management via the CoachLinked Job Heatmap. Find the best talent via the CoachLinked Candidate Search.

Expand Your Reach

CoachLinked provides enriched features for agents, search firms and athletic administrators to find the best talent and advertise job opportunities via the Community membership.

Learn More About Your Favorite Coach

CoachLinked provides fan's access to coach's insights via ChalkTalk.