Introducing CoachLinked

The New App Connecting the Athletic Coaching Community

January 24, 2018

LANCASTER, PA: Recently launched at the 2018 AFCA Convention, CoachLinked is the new app that connects the coaching community. Whether coaching is a volunteer role or a full-time career, CoachLinked provides an online network across youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletics. CoachLinked allows athletic management and coaches to connect to current, past and future colleagues to evolve and maximize their network.

Coaches can share insights, plays, pictures and videos with their coaching peers using CoachLinked ChalkTalk. Unlike other social media tools, coaches can control access to who can view their ChalkTalk with "CoachLinked Teams". Additionally, coaches can build an on-line professional profile to share their position history, resume, coaching philosophy, and recruiting expertise. To protect their privacy, CoachLinked limits who can view career details to hiring decision makers.

To find their next dream job, CoachLinked provides a job heatmap which shows coaches where jobs are by state and hosts an online job board to permit athletic management to share their openings. Additionally, Athletic management can search the CoachLinked database to identify new talent.

Coaches can maximize their network by connecting with fellow coaches with CoachLinked teams. They can keep in touch with CoachLinked messaging, which allows you to keep in contact despite e-mail and phone changes.

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Now Available in the App Store. Coming Soon to Google Play.

About CoachLinked

Like many good stories, CoachLinked began as a post-game celebration between a former college football coach, current athletic director and friends from corporate America. They were discussing the upcoming coaching carousel that would ensue in January. Stunned by the reliance on annual conferences, the friends wanted to create a tool that would allow coaches and athletic management to network all year, but customized for the special world of sports and tailored to coaches, not fans or athletes.

Press Contact

Name: Alexis Francois
Mobile: 917-683-3221
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