Our Team

Like all good stories, CoachLinked began as a post-game celebration between friends. One evening in New York, a few friends were celebrating after a successful college football Saturday and began discussing the similarities between running a corporation and running a successful sports team.

While rattling through the commonalities, the group began discussing the products and services available to the athletic management vs. corporate management. They agreed that the athletic management world had focused their engagement of social media to recruiting student athletes and fans rather than on embracing and sharing among their peers.

Thus, CoachLinked was born to allow for peer to peer engagement across athletic management that coaches, trainers and administrators can share their thoughts and best practices and receive meaningful feedback.

The CoachLinked team includes:

  • CoachLinked's vision comes directly from a former NCAA Division I Football Coach, who leads sales and marketing.
  • CoachLinked's execution is managed by a former IT Executive from JPMorgan Chase with 10 plus years experience driving IT strategy and $60mm+ programs.
  • CoachLinked's data strategy is led by a Senior Global IT Consultant with experience at Gartner's Big Data practice, BizTech and Rebel Consulting.
  • CoachLinked's development is driven by a former tech leader from an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company.
  • CoachLinked's user experience is directed by a movie, television, music video and web producer and director with 15 plus years of web development expertise.